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Middle Enterprise Risk Management

As your risk management team, we save you time, money, and reduce your risk

Insurance is the last thing you want to deal with…until you have a claim

We also know that understanding the details of your coverage and how much limit you need can be unclear.  Gaining clarity often feels like a monumental undertaking.

Our goal is simple; free up your time and make the process of analyzing and securing coverage as simple as possible.  We want you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

More than just an insurance policy

We take a comprehensive approach to reducing your balance sheet risk.  Whether you’re a contractor, private equity firm,  manufacturer, or other middle enterprise business, our team will educate you on your specific risk exposures and make recommendations on ways to shift risk off of your balance sheet.  Insurance is only one piece of the risk management puzzle.

We Are Here to Help

We don’t focus on a specific industry, we focus on a type of buyer

If you’re looking for a professional services firm to help you better understand the risks facing your business, we’re the right partner.  While our clients are typically able to reduce the cost of their insurance program, our focus is not solely on finding the least expensive solution.  The least expensive solution frequently has coverage deficiencies that may lead to an uncovered claim ultimately leading to a large self insured loss.  Our primary objective is to reduce your overall cost of risk.

Our clients represent a broad range of industries and sizes but they all have one thing in common – they value our expertise, innovation, and exceptional client service.  


Industry Experience 

Life Sciences
Sports & Entertainment
Commercial Real Estate
Banking & Financial Services
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Physicians & Healthcare
Professional Services
Architects & Engineers
Food Packaging & Distribution
Crypto Currencies
Digital Health
Law Firms

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Allow us to take risk management and insurance off of your plate so you can focus on revenue generating activities.

We can review your contracts, help you build cyber security policies, manage your insurance program, and handle many other risk management functions.