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Middle Enterprise Risk Management

At Brush Creek Partners, we understand your time is valuable

Insurance is the last thing you want to hassle with for your business

We also know that understanding
what insurance coverages you need can be confusing, and the process to get these coverages in place can be frustrating.

Our goal is simple; free up your time and make the insurance process as simple as possible
so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

We strive to separate ourselves
from the typical insurance agents.

Whether you’re a restaurant, general contractor, or manufacturer, our team will educate you on your specific risk exposures so you can make the most informed decision
on what insurance coverages to purchase.
We take an innovative approach to help you understand the unique risks facing your business.

Our clients range from pre-revenue startups to multinational corporations, and we know that every risk is different. We view insurance as only one piece of the risk management
puzzle for your business.

Commercial Insurance:

Areas of Focus

Life Sciences
Commercial Real Estate
Professional Services

We believe in providing
much more than just placing
an insurance policy for you

We do not believe that purchasing an insurance policy will solve all of your problems. We want to do everything we can to limit the possibility of a claim. We can help you review contracts with vendors to limit your exposure and can provide regular employee education and training sessions along with several other services.

Overall, we want to act as your outsourced risk management department and handle any task that relates to insurance or risk exposures.


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Allow us to take risk management and insurance off of your plate so you can focus on revenue generating activities.

We can review your contracts, help you build cyber security policies, manage your insurance program, and handle many other risk management functions.