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We Work For YOU!

Brush Creek Partners believes a resource brokerage approach to providing professional services to our clients assures a level of objectivity not found in most risk management consulting firms and other full service brokerages.

In plain english, we utilize relationships with hundreds of insurance carriers to provide choices and solutions for our clients. We have no exclusive arrangements with insurance providers and our priority is putting our client’s best interests first.

why choose us

A Personal Touch

Your account is always assigned to the same team who will be your service contacts. You may not know us now, but our clients have found that they develop strong personal and business relationships with us through the years.

Ease Of Doing Business

We are always happy to hear from you over the phone, by email or text. Plus, our website contains a client portal for personal and commercial risks.


Our partners, producers, and service teams possess knowledge specific to the industries they serve. We do not try to fit square pegs into round holes.

Local Business

Brush Creek Partners is a locally owned and operated business. We keep your dollars in the community though we have clients nationwide.


Unlike some insurance agencies who only have access to one product from one carrier, or a few products from a few carriers, the scope of our carrier network is large enough to provide us with hundreds of products and price points.

Focus On You

Our risk management teams work with you to identify your specific exposures and implement strategies to reduce your risk. After understanding your unique situation, we build an insurance program that properly matches your specific risk profile. Every risk is different and insurance is not a one size fits all solution.

About Us

Brush Creek Partners believes that, in every activity, our clients' interests come first. We work with credible carriers and are well versed in all approaches in our areas of expertise. With an additional focus on:


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